It’s always a proud moment when a Wendigo Lake alumnus or his parents/guardian reaches out, unsolicited, to extend their gratitude for our program and particularly to the exceptional cast of instructors that make the experience a transformative one. Even decades after, participants’ positive experiences continue to resonate. Below are a few letters we have received highlighting the impact of our therapeutic programs on individuals and families. Feel free to share your experience – we look forward to hearing from you!

“I never thought I could find help anywhere until I found out about this program. I do have to admit when I first showed up I wasn’t into it I didn’t think anyone could help me or even understand me… I really miss the staff there they helped me out a lot… man were they great people to talk to …thank u guys still to this day I use the skills I learned from there and they work they really do…”

J.B. – graduate, 2013 (sent 2014)

“The time that I spent there has left a life time impression on me and memories I will carry for ever…I strongly believe that this program was the foundation to the building blocks that got me to where I am today. Miigwetch (Thank you).”

D.G. – graduate, 1980 (sent 2014)

“The work was tough, emotional and draining in every sense. Your staff were amazing. Supportive, energetic when needed and a calming gentle hand to hold us and guide us. …We appreciate your investment in our son’s rehabilitation process and in our family’s renewed sense of hope.”

T.D. – graduate (sent 2013)

“I wanted to thank you and all the other staff for everything. You guys have a special way of connecting with people and getting even the most closed off people to open up and overcome their fears and personal issues. I have so many great memories and experiences from up there… You all would be pleased to know after I left your program I did great. I got home and things were better then they ever were.”

D.H. – graduate, 2007 (sent 2013)

“I would like to give you an update on A.B.’s progress since returning home 2 months ago. Without a doubt there have been so many improvements in his behaviours and attitudes. We have an undisputed reduction in stress, including in his own! He continues to mature and grow… I believe we see him differently, too, which adds to his successes.

He is not the strongest student but he is up to speed in all his classes and every teacher LOVES (him). I specifically asked about behaviours and everyone said there are absolutely no behaviours! He is a great student to have in the classroom.

Apparently he has been very vocal about telling his teachers and peers about his experiences at Wendigo Lake and they have all been very interested to listen. He is proud of what he did there…Thank you will never be adequate but we want to say it anyway – a sincere thank you to each one of you for recognizing (our son’s) potential and nurturing and directing his life. We believe he really is a happy person now.

I apologize for this lengthy note – as you can see we are grateful to each of you for the part you played in A.B.’s success. ..At anytime, if you need someone to sing the praises… please call on us – we could write a symphony :)

God bless you all as you continue to take on what for some may seem like the impossible. We believe!”

S.B. – parent of graduate, 2012

“I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well and that I am on track to finish my high school next year. I fell a few times after I left and used again but I remembered what you told me about it not being the end and how it doesn’t have to escalate to my old situation and I found the strength to get back up. I am clean even though it is there for me to use. I don’t need it anymore and I want to give you and the entire staff team all the thanks I can for helping me find my potential and let go of my past. Tell the staff team that I say Hello, thank you, and I miss you guys. I look forward to hearing back from you.”

K. H.  – graduate, 2012

“This program saved (my son’s) life. I cannot stress how great this program was for him – it gave him his life back – his self-esteem, belief in himself and his morals are strong once again. It put him back on the right path again – I am very grateful to the wonderful staff and to him for buying into it and working hard – Thank you”

T.S. – mother of graduate, 2011

“We wanted to extend our sincerest thanks to all who were involved in the care of D.B. It was with deep sadness and great trepidation that we sent him to your program in September. What we quickly learned was that the program became like a second home and that staff were extremely nurturing and caring, and he was able to develop some very close relationships. We believe that all of you are heroes. To spend the energy and time caring for kids who are at risk takes an incredible group of people and we firmly believe that your program offers this… Thanks to each and every one of you for choosing a field that has such benefits to the future of these youth.”

D. & R.B. – parents of graduate, 2011

“Please tell everyone (I say hey and I’m doing good, I got a job working in a factory, and studying for my G.E.D test, I just want to say thank you… for helping me with my anger, I’ve noticed that I don’t get mad anymore, and if I feel the anger coming on I take a drink of water and breath. I can honestly say that the program changed my life for the better, you and all the staff helped me a lot and I would just like to thank you all for that.”

D.H. – graduate, 2010

“You guys changed my life in ways I can’t even explain, before I went to (the program) I didn’t like anybody with authority my teachers my mother any body that told me what to do, half way before my stay was over my mom and grandpa came to see me and right away could tell a difference, I was smiling, looking them in the eyes when I talked and told my mom for the first time in years that I love her. You guys changed my whole life – I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your program and the amazing staff. Thank you for making me a better person and son. I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND YOU’LL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART.

Once again thank you for how you all helped me.”

A.K. – graduate, 2011

“I was there in the summer of 1985 for three months where I was received as a rebellious child with a very big chip on my shoulder. I can tell you that over the years I would reflect upon my adventures and misadventures in the program, and these reflections always seemed to bring a smile to my face. As the years have passed and I am now an active businessman in this challenging world…and I am convinced that the time spent was exactly what I needed. I was taught to respect others, respect myself, the land, and to work as a group while maintaining a positive outlook towards the future.

I would like to compliment the program itself, but also the counselors who with great patience and certainty helped mold the man I am today.

One key thing I have learned is that respect is something we should all show each other, the land we are fortunate to live on and those who have put themselves in a place to help others heading down a troubled path.

My sincere appreciation goes out to counselor C.E. She was absolutely unconditional in her approach to help us. As were all the other counselors but she was very special to me.

Anyway, I just read some of the testimonials from past students and felt I would like to share my thoughts with you. Please feel free to post this with my utmost respect and admiration.”

C.C. – graduate, 1985 (sent 2009)

“I was a student approximately 27 years ago. I often think of my time spent at the camp, as one of the most challenging and rewarding times of my life. I am now 42 years of age and have my own company have been with my wife and her 3 kids for over 19 years. For some reason the camp crept back in to my mind and I thought I would look on line to see if I could find something. Seeing some of the pictures brought back so many memories. I don’t quite know why I am writing this letter, I guess I wanted to let you know what an impact your program has on one’s life. I don’t remember much from that long ago but I remember the program like it was yesterday.
Keep up the great work you are changing kids life.

Thank You.”

T.R. – graduate, 1982 (sent 2009)

“I was a graduate back in 1981 and I thought it was the best thing that ever happens to me in my life. It got me turned around.

Thanks keep up the hard work.”

J.R. – graduate, 1981 (sent 2009)

“I was there I think in 1986 or 1987. At 46 now I can say that I have thought about this program in a positive manner all my life and still remember all the good times there out in the wilderness. I remember the canoe trips, jumping in the lake after we cut a hole out of the ice, making an outdoor sauna, learning how to use compass, and all the outdoor adventures as well as school, I still use some techniques to this day. Four main counselors I recall very well […] but I can honestly say that they have all made a difference. THANK YOU.”

M.L. – graduate (sent 2015)

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